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Green Energy for All:

Mentor Energy's Solar Panels Make It Possible

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A Better Tomorrow

Focusing on quality and long-term efficiency

We take great care in selecting only the finest products for our valued clients. Our team of installers, who possess over 20 years of solar experience, have meticulously chosen each product based on its efficiency, warranty period, and other important factors. We have handpicked the best panels, inverters, and batteries, along with reliable mounting equipment to ensure long-term efficiency.

Join us in building a sustainable world for tomorrow, starting today.

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What products are needed for an installation 

In order to successfully install solar panels, several essential products are required.

These include: 

  • High-quality solar panels to capture the sun's energy

  • An inverter to transform the DC power produced by the panels into AC power

  • Sturdy mounting equipment to secure the panels in place.

Additionally, some clients may request a battery storage system to store excess energy for later use.

We offer a range of products and solutions to meet the unique needs of each client and we take pride in carefully selecting only the best brands and products in the industry, to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality solar panel installations.

How do we choose our products? 

Throughout our installer’s extensive experience with thousands of installations, we have had the privilege of working with a diverse array of brands. Our focus has always been on delivering the best performance for our customers. Therefore, we have carefully evaluated and selected a handful of brands based on our experience with their product installation, warranties, and after-sales support.

We are choosing credible equipment with a real market installation experience within the Dutch market which is proven for years, as well our acquaintance with the chosen products is thorough and extensive. We know their real lifetime value.

However, if you are interested in a brand that is not currently featured on our website, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We created the winning products lists:

Solar panels
Up to 35% more energy - Guaranteed

We offer the most advanced solar panels from leading brands, delivering unparalleled power generation. Our range of solar panel brands guarantees up to 35% more energy from your rooftop, thanks to our patented technology that maximizes yields, minimizes degradation and extends product warranties. 

The selection is meticulously chosen for its high efficiency, long-lasting durability, and minimal degradation over its lifespan. With so many different models available, we have carefully curated our top brands based on a multitude of efficiency factors and long period terms (25-40 years)

We select the best product for every installation through our customized design, tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency.


Advanced Inverters 
Ensuring maximum energy efficiency

The inverter is the brain behind every PV system, optimizing power extraction from panels in all weather conditions and seamlessly injecting energy into the electricity grid. Additionally, the inverter diligently monitors energy production and transmits that data to the internet, enabling remote access. With these capabilities, the inverter plays a critical role in maximizing the performance and reliability of your solar power system.


Battery storage
The ultimate energy saving

Home batteries provide an efficient solution for excess solar energy generation, allowing homeowners to maximize their energy self-sufficiency and reduce their reliance on the grid. By temporarily storing surplus energy. Home batteries ensure that the energy generated by solar panels is used to its fullest potential with the ability to use the stored energy during evening hours when there is no sunlight that generates energy, and when energy prices are highest.

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Other products

Our product list contains premium energy solutions across various segments. Our range of products includes high-speed car chargers, Solar walls, and Solar roofs (Veranda), all available at the best prices in the market, with long-term guarantees and comprehensive after-sales service. Our products will meet your energy needs with unmatched quality and reliability.
For more information, please reach out to us  at:

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