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Sunset on Solar Panels

Empower Your World with Solar Energy -
It's Your Time to Shine!

Generate and store your own power.
Start saving today using clean, eco-friendly energy

Maximize your Solar Potential with SolarixAI technology - Unparalleled performance and reliability

We guarantee full installation  within 30 days

Start saving with
Solar energy in 3 steps!

Solar Panels Technicians

Step 1

Get a Pro Advice
& Tailored System Design

Our team of experienced professionals will perform a comprehensive technical assessment of your site and analyze your energy usage data. We will then create a customized solar system design that optimizes your financial benefits and energy efficiency.
You'll receive a personalized quote tailored to your unique energy needs.

Solar Panels

Step 2

Complete Installation

We take care of every detail from start to finish. Our certified expert installers will complete the installation in just one day. Our skilled installers will ensure that your solar panels are properly installed for maximum energy production, with a professional touch that assures up to a 40-year product guarantee!

Installing Solar Panel_edited.jpg

Step 3

Start saving money
& Enjoy

Experience the amazing benefits of your new solar panels with ease, including substantial financial savings and a reduced environmental impact.
Our user-friendly monitoring app allows you to track your energy production and usage 24/7 365 days a year, while our system monitoring ensures reliable and uninterrupted solar power for years to come.


Interested to know our complete solar package cost and your annual savings?

Enter your details and let our system take care of the rest, completely FREE of charge.

You will receive a detailed calculation outlining your financial savings, as well as an advanced system design that maximizes efficiency, potentially saving you thousands of euros annually compared to the current energy prices

Free and without any obligations

Why Mentor Energy Solutions?

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Mentor Energy Solutions, is your one-stop solution for all your solar energy needs.
We are dedicated to providing you with the best solar energy solutions available on the market. As a trusted industry leader, we offer a wide range of top-quality solar products and installation services to help you switch to sustainable, energy-efficient living and start saving money.


Founded by Mentor Capital Holdings BV, a Dutch investment advisory firm, operating worldwide, with a special Energy division that combines a team of international professionals dedicated to sourcing and assembling innovative, next-generation systems for energy efficiency and cost reduction.

Installing Solar Panels

Leading the market with the best cost per value

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We believe in delivering exceptional service and top-quality products, and we promise to always prioritize your satisfaction. Here are some of the commitments we make to ensure your experience with us is a positive one:

✓ Top tier leading products (AAA-Rating)

✓ Assured efficiency & money saving

✓ Personal & free advice from an expert

✓ Complete Installation in 2-4 weeks!

✓ Tailored designed system

✓ Professional certified installer

✓ After-Sales service

✓ Excellent warranty conditions

Why Choose Solar Panels?
Discover the Benefits!

Investing in solar panels is one of the smartest financial choices you can make. With a high return on investment, you'll enjoy long-term financial benefits while reducing your carbon footprint. Discover the numerous advantages of solar panel installation today.

Unlock the Power of Solar with different Finance and Subsidy Options

Thanks to the increasingly affordable prices of solar panels and rising electricity costs, investing in solar power is a wise financial decision even without subsidies. While many people choose to use savings to purchase solar panels, there are also other financing options available to make the transition to solar power even more accessible.

Sunshine on your roof,
money in your pocket.

Join the solar revolution,

go green & save big.


Our Happy Clients

“The team at Mentor Energy did an incredible job with the installation of my solar panels. Their top-tier products and exceptional service exceeded my expectations.”

Emma Beekhof

“Mentor Energy's team helped me choose the best solar panels for my home and conducted an efficient installation. Their outstanding products have already led to reduced energy bills.”

Tim van der Berg

“I highly recommend Mentor Energy for their amazing service, AAA solar panels, and professional installation services.”

Jeroen van Dijk

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